MBE seminars are CII CPD accredited so you can earn hours towards your CPD whilst bringing you up-to-date on the latest industry issues.

Delegates participating in the accredited Mortgage Business Expo can claim up to 3* CPD hours towards the CII / Personal Finance Society member CPD scheme in the MBE labelled seminars below. 
The FIBA and Google Digital Garage seminars do not qualify.



Theatre 1

10.15 - 10.30   Chairman's Opening Remarks

  • Rob Barnard, Intermediary Relationship Director, Pepper Money

Theatre 1

10.30 - 11.00   Bank of England Keynote - economic outlook - MBE

  • Rob Elder, Agent, Monetary Analysis, External Engagement, Agent for Greater London, Bank of England

Theatre 3

11.00 - 11.45   Social Media Strategy - Google Digital Garage

Join us for a session to learn about how you can build a social media strategy into your business plan.
In this session you will learn:
● How social media can help you reach new customers online
● The building blocks of a simple social media strategy
● Tools that can help you save time when creating social posts

Theatre 1

11.15 - 11.45   UK Specialist Property Finance Seminar - FIBA

A discussion with a number of Industry experts on the current and future conditions to be expected from the Specialist Property Finance market. The aim is to also highlight and discuss the opportunity for all of those currently engaged or wishing to engage within this sector.
1.   It is reported that we are seeing reducing numbers of enquiries across all sectors of Specialist Property Finance. Our Industry has a real role in supporting the future growth of our economy. How can we ensure that borrowers are aware and utilise us as Lenders across the sector and how can we use the broker community as the catalyst to stimulate this? How do we as an Industry ensure that we negotiate the next few years together?
2.    Lending in the term commercial investment space also remains a challenge right now. What is your view on the current state of the commercial term finance market, not only the ability to obtain finance and subsequently the correct exit for a Bridge? Also, have you seen an increase in re-bridging over the last few years? What is your view on the growth of this part of the market?
3.    Market demand and the increased housing need remains the same and matching finance and stock together is important. How are you assessing the residential development finance market at the moment not only the ability to obtain finance, but also the number of lenders in the market, the cost and the expected exit strategy for the Developer?
4.    Over the last couple of years, and in particular the last 6 months, there has been a trend of increasing Interest rates. Is this something that you are also experiencing? What lies behind this? Are you also tightening your criteria and is this symptomatic of market uncertainty? The number of short-term lenders in the UK, has this helped the market grow are we seeing a retraction in numbers or is there still space for more? 
5.    Our audience are always very keen to hear our panellist’s views on the future as there is always considerable interest in the specialist property market. How do you think the next few years will be for the market, both commercial and residential?
  • Chair: Adam Tyler - Executive Chairman of FIBA
  • Imogen Williams, Regional Sales Manager, Market Financial Solutions
  • Steve Smith, Sales Director, Roma Finance
  • Alice Williams, Regional Director, Ultimate Finance
  • Michael Common, CEO & Co-founder, Nivo 
  • Mark Dobson, Business Development, Redwood Bank      

Theatre 2

11.15 - 11.45  Is 2022 the year of the BTL remortgage?

Keystone Property Finance are specialists in complex buy to let mortgages who can lend to landlords borrowing personally and through a variety of different corporate structures such as LLPs, SPVs and Trading Limited companies. They have established themselves as one of the go-to lenders for brokers who have complex landlord clients. Phil Riches, Sales and Marketing Director, will be explaining why 2022 is a crucial time for your clients to consider to remortgage or choose a product transfer offering.
  • Chair: Rob Barnard, Intermediary Relationship Director, Pepper Money
  • Phil Riches, Sales & Marketing Director, Keystone Property Finance

Theatre 1

12.00 - 12.30  Challenges for existing borrowers and first-time buyers in the current market - panel discussion - MBE

  • Chair: Rob Barnard, Intermediary Relationship Director, Pepper Money
  • Ryan Davies, Strategy Director, Bluestone Mortgages Ltd
  • Maeve Ward, Commercial Director, Central Trust   
  • Melanie Spencer, Head of finova Payment and Mortgage Services,  Finova
  • Dale Jannels, Managing Director, Impact Specialist Finance

Theatre 3

12.00 - 12.30  Writing for Social Media - Google Digital Garage

If you manage a social media channel for your business and you’re looking at ways to sharpen your copy, join us for a session on writing for social media. Learn ways to develop a written tone of voice and tips for creating copy for limited space online.
In this session you will learn:
● How to define your brand across your social media channels
● Tips for writing for social media and responding to customer comments
● About tools you can use for content marketing

Theatre 1

12.45 - 1.15  What are the opportunities and challenges for the Equity Release sector? - MBE

  • Chair: Kelly Melville-Kelly, Head of Risk, Policy and Compliance, ERC
  • Liz Wilkie, Lending Proposition Manager, PRIMIS
  • David Forsdyke, Partner, Head of Later Life Finance, Knight Frank Finance
  • Nick Birdseye, Strategic Partner Development Director, Legal & General Home Finance
  • Stuart Wilson, CEO, AIR

Theatre 2

12.45 - 1.15  How to help your customers with their Bridging Loans request - FIBA

There has been a steady stream of new brokers coming into the Bridging Finance sector from existing firms, how is this being managed and is it possible for other firms to become involved. This session looks to explore the opportunity and what help is available to those wishing to write more short term finance business.
1. How can a broker new to Bridging Finance get to know the Lender community? I know that there are a lot of new brokers coming into this market, why do you think this is the case? Whilst we are all fully aware of who is in the market, how does a new broker start from new? Where can they do their research?
2. How would they place their first deal, who can help and where can they find it easily and simply? Do we think that experienced brokers deal across the whole market? How receptive and also do you as a Lender have the resources to help new brokers? Will you refuse to take just a name and a phone number for a deal?
3. Do you think that provide an Educational Programme and Assessment for the Industry will help?
4. It is reported that there are now record numbers of empty retail units in our High Streets, both in Town Centres and City Centres. Bridging Finance has a real role in supporting the future growth of our economy. How can we utilise these buildings and where will the catalyst come from to stimulate change of use? How do we as an Industry make the most of this over the next few years.
  • Chair: Adam Tyler - Executive Chairman of FIBA
  • Jack Coombs, Director, Aspen Bridging
  • Leanne Ardron, Head of Bridging Finance, LendInvest
  • Mark Hutchings, Business Development Executive, Market Financial Solutions
  • Simon Adcock, Regional Director, Reward Finance

Theatre 3

1.00 - 1.45  Get Started with Digital Advertising - Google Digital Garage

Apply or expand your digital advertising channels with this course. Learn about search, social and display advertising, and the different ways these channels can support your digital marketing strategy.
In this session you will learn:
In this session you will learn:
● What is search advertising, and how to get started
● Different approaches to social media advertising
● How you can use display advertising in a campaign

Theatre 1

2.00 - 2.30  Specialist panel – the role of special finance in a changing financial landscape - MBE

  • Chair: Rob Barnard, Intermediary Relationship Director, Pepper Money
  • James Bloom, Board Director, Alternative Bridging Corporation
  • Mike Cook, Chief Mortgage Officer, Market Financial Solutions
  • Marcus Dussard, Sales DIrector, Hampshire Trust Bank
  • Brian West, Head of Sales & Marketing, Saxon Trust

Theatre 2

2.45 - 3.15  Specialist Property Finance Education Seminar - FIBA

A discussion on the final details of the Education Programme and Assessment for Specialist Property Finance for those already involved in and for those wanted to become more involved in writing business in this sector. As we near the launch from FIBA, ASTL and the London Institute of Banking and Finance, this is the opportunity to find out all the details.
1. What progress has been made towards producing an Education Programme for the Industry? There has been considerable work over the last 12 months, can you explain the role that you and your business played in bring this to life. What specific areas did we focus on when we built the final syllabus? How did the role of Industry authors and contributors to the programme provide the relevant content. Why was a level 3 qualification suitable?  
2. Who is this Education Programme aimed at? People brand new to the industry joining commercial lenders, who are likely to be quite young and inexperienced in commercial property finance and bridging finance. Is this just for brokers entering the commercial property finance market, who may have some previous experience in the residential market, but with no/limited knowledge of commercial property finance or bridging finance.
3. Which other groups were also considered? Brokers with more knowledge of, and experience in, commercial finance, possibly through working in mainstream lenders, but with no experience of brokering. Should the taking of any educational programme for our sector be compulsory now or into the future?
4. How will the set up of the Programme be funded? How has the building and setting up of the programme and assessment been funded? Who will be responsible for the ongoing costs associated with the programme? How much and how will each individual candidate pay for the programme? Do we think that sponsorship of candidates by the lender community is a possibility or a good option?
5. How will the learning be presented and then consolidated and evaluated?
  • Chair: Adam Tyler - Executive Chairman of FIBA
  • Leah Brunskill, Head of Marketing, Market Financial Solutions
  • Ian Harrison, Operations Director, Affirmative Finance
  • Gordon Reid, Business Development Manager, London Institute of Banking and Finance
  • Liz Syms, Chief Executive Officer, Connect Mortgages

Theatre 1

2.45 - 3.15  The Consumer Duty and what this means for mortgage marketing - panel discussion - MBE

  • Chair: Thomas Brett, Head of Mortgage & Lending, Contact State
  • Dominik Lipnicki, Owner, Your Mortgage Decisions and Access Equity Release
  • Kelly Melville-Kelly, Head of Risk, Policy and Compliance, Equity Release Council
  • Ryan Berry, Owner, Cornerhouse Media





  • Define how the housing market might be impacted due to the recent interest rate changes and the economic forecast
  • Assess if 2022 is the year of the BTL remortgage
  • Describe the challenges for existing borrowers and first-time buyers in the current market
  • Explain the opportunities and challenges for the Equity Release sector
  • Describe the role of special finance in a changing financial landscape
  • Explain consumer duty and what this means for mortgage marketing